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The benefits of dynamic stretching

The benefits of dynamic stretching

If you struggle with muscular pain during your workout, it might be time to switch up your warm-up routine. Here, we’ll talk about dynamic stretching and how it can help you with your workout.

What is dynamic stretching?

Dynamic stretching is the use of movement to warm up specific muscles, getting them pumped and ready for exercise. It’s different from normal static stretching as it takes movements like squats and lunges and transforms them into stretches.1

Over recent years, dynamic stretching may have overtaken static stretching as it can prepare specific muscles ahead of a workout. It’s performed at a slower pace as preparation for exercise, which means you are looking to stimulate muscles or muscle groups to get them prepared for more intense exercise.

For example, in preparation for a run you may wish to prepare the knees so you may carry out some high knee or squat exercises in preparation.

We’ll go over some stretches, and more specifically the benefits within this article.