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Shin splints

Shin splints

If you have been suffering with painful shins, there is a chance that it could be shin splints. Shin splints are commonly used to describe any sort of shin pain, but shin splints are specifically caused by putting weight on your legs through exercise such as running.1

The good news is that they’re not serious and can be easily treated, with the right help. Fortunately for you – we have put together all the relevant information that you’ll need to help you recover.

Over the course of the next article you’ll find everything you need to know, from what shin splints are, how you can prevent them and how you can look after your body, before, during and after exercise.

What are shin splints?

Without pointing out the obvious, shin splits are a pain down the lower front of the leg. Otherwise known as medial tibial stress syndrome (periostitis), shin splints are often associated with exercise and is particularly common with athletes, dancers and those who work in the military.2

Medically, it’s not fully understood exactly how it happens, but its thought that repeated stress on the bone and the tissue around the tibia get inflamed, causing pain around the whole shin.


  • Shin splits affects the lower leg bone known as the tibia and tissues around the same area
  • It’s not known exactly how the occur, but shin splints are thought to arise through repeated stress on the bone and tissue around the tibia
how to prevent shin plints