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10 ankle sprain exercises

10 ankle sprain exercises

If you have experienced a sprained ankle, you’ll need to give it time to heal.

Although, it’s also important to strengthen the muscles around the around it to allow it to recover properly and prevent further sprains.

Once you have gone through a short rest period it’s thought that you may be able to start exercising a mild sprained ankle after a few days. This will obviously depend on how bad your sprain is – at this stage it’s important to listen to your body.

Once you have taken some time out to rest, it’s thought that you can start doing light to moderate exercise, which is why we’ve come up with X exercises that will allow you to try and treat your sprained ankle yourself at home.

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What is a sprained ankle?

There are three ligaments which keep your ankle bone in place – a sprained ankle occurs when one of those ligaments stretches too far is or is torn completely.

Wondering if you have a sprain or a strain? Read our article to find out the difference.

Medically, your sprained ankle will be graded on how bad it is, they include:

  • Grade 1: Mild

Your ligaments will be stretched but not torn. You may feel some pain and stiffness, yet you should still be stable.

  • Grade 2: Moderate

One or more ligaments are partially torn. You may be in some pain and there will be mild swelling. Your joint won’t be completely stable, and you won’t be able move it as much as usual.

  • Grade 3: Severe

One or more of your ligaments is totally torn, and your ankle is unstable. You have a lot of pain and its unlikely that you’ll be able to move it.